Empowered Living                                       Or How to Change Your Habits,  by Dr. William N. Downe MD FRCP (C). INTRO EMPOWERED LIVING FREE PROFILE WEB DESIGN
Hello, A few years ago, I was introduced to a book called Empowered Living by Dr. William N. Downe MD FRCP (C). Dr. Downe gave it to me to read when I had time (he must have thought I needed it). I was traveling the next week so I decided to read it. I thought, "What the heck, I might learn something." once I started reading Empowered Living, I could not put it down. His book combines every self improvement principle and wraps it all up into one neat, easy to read package. The truth is, the 4th lesson alone is so important, that it is well worth sharing with others. *In fact, a nationally known talk show host spent the better part of a year on it's importance. What impressed me most is how Dr. Downe created different lessons rather than the usual boring and uninteresting self help style we all have come across too often. I apply  Dr. Downe’s simple yet extremely powerful principles every day with great success. There are only realistic answers to solving almost any challenge you'll ever have to deal with in your life, worry, money, relationship, stress, you name it, it works for anyone willing to give it a try. It worked for thousands before and it will work for you! The only thing you need to do is: Take a chance on yourself and the material contained in Empowered Living.   About the author:  Dr. William N. Downe M.D. FRCP (C) practiced clinical psychiatry for many, many years. He studied the qualities possessed by accomplished and powerful people. What he learned, he combined with his experience in training methods and in habit change. This led to the development of the principles and the exercises in this powerful book. These principles and exercises have been applied by thousands of people in all walks of life, to bring confidence, power and success into their lives. Dr. Downe is one of those rare people who can communicate this knowledge in    an exciting way.  
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